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Campervan on Coast

RV / Mobile Homes

Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a weekend road trip, you want to have
peace of mind on the open road. We’ll work with you to make sure owning an RV is a
rewarding experience, and also a safe one.

At first glance you might think covering a recreational vehicle (or RV) is just like getting ordinary auto insurance, but the freedom of the motorhome lifestyle brings a few extra potential headaches that make this specialized policy worthwhile.

RV insurance will often also include enhanced coverage for your personal possessions, meaning you can relax when taking those extra creature comforts and gadgets on a motorhome trip. Additionally, make sure to look for a camper insurance policy that covers theft as well as damage in a collision or fire.

While most insurance has limits on individual items, RV insurance policies often include a specific allowance for awnings and gas bottles, both of which can be particularly expensive to replace.

When considering motorhome or RV insurance, it’s worth looking for policies that offer rental cars and/or accommodation if your camper is put out of action during a trip, removing that extra worry.

Have questions about insuring your motor home or RV? Reach out and we’ll walk you through it.

Let’s discuss your RV insurance.

​One of our insurance advisors will reach out to you to review your information and present you with the appropriate RV insurance solution.


for a Private Consultation to discuss your specific situation and personal and commercial insurance needs.

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